Tea and Tunes

I was looking through music blogs one day, and I realised there really wasn’t much in the genre/style I love and play in. So I decided that if I wanted to read that blog, it made sense, as a writer, to write my own. This niche I’m carving out is quite specific, so if you’re thinking you’d like me to write about you, check what I’m after before sending me stuff.

I like rock music that sits somewhere between upbeat indie and heavy alternative, especially if it’s female/non-binary fronted or has meaningful lyrics about life, love and imagination. I don’t mean anything against awesome male-led rock bands when I mention the front person – it’s just that as a female-ish lead vocalist myself, I’ve found a bit of an absence of role models to guide me in developing my own vocal sound for heavier rock, so when I find that, I hang onto it, and I want to tell the world about it! I’d also love to see the work of some LGBTIQ role models in the world of heavier rock. There’s a certain image encouraged in this community that can seem a bit exclusive, so let’s not hide, diverse and wonderful friends – let’s make rock music.

I love indie and DIY, especially if it’s local (as an expat, for me that means both Adelaide, South Australia and Southampton, UK). There’s nothing wrong with getting signed (although a few recent experiences have made me think bands get a lot less approachable after signing) and/or paying a fancy pro recording studio for your tracks. It’s just that once a band has done that, they already have help from music industry pros to get their music out to people who’ll love it. They don’t need me to write about them on my tiny blog too. I want to be a space for those who are still learning, growing under their own steam, making art they love of all varieties. That said, I do have an ear for a good mix, having sat next to Lloyd while he worked through countless tutorials and mixed our songs and occasionally threw a tantrum, so I might get annoyed and not want to review your song if I can’t hear the vocals clearly or it sounds like you’re yelling from the other end of your garage. 😛

Stylistically, I like songs that power along with a strong beat. Slower is okay, but not drifting. I like a sense of urgency that compels the listener to remain rooted in the song and wait to hear what comes next. However, I like some ‘light and shade’ in a song too – pop punk where the noise is up to “11” the whole way through and never powers down is fun to jump around to live, but in a recorded track, I’m looking for a musical landscape that tells a story. And the lyrics absolutely have to have something to say.

So this is my space where I collect music I love, that I hope other fans of bands like Royal Blood, Dream State,  BLOXX, Wolf Alice, Hands Like Houses, Stand Atlantic and Birds of Tokyo will enjoy too. If you’ve written something a little different and slightly heavier or more upbeat that doesn’t quite fit in the regular indie music blog scene, send it my way! I’ll probably love it. I also make Spotify playlists to go with this stuff, but I’m just getting started, so don’t expect huge numbers of views.